Blogging is good for the soul

IMG_6747What does blogging mean to you? Everyone has an explanation why they blog. Maybe it’s because you feel like getting your thoughts all out, or maybe it’s for a marketing job. Either way, blogging is a good writing skill to have.

I enjoy blogging, I just don’t blog on a daily basis. This blog specifically is a college assignment I’m doing in my “Writing for Marketing” class.

Three important aspects of creating an effective blog are;

1. Content – What you are writing about is important. Make sure you have a topic to talk about. Have an attention-grabbing title. Also be sure to include either a photo or video on your blog or both. Images make people want to read a blog post. If there wasn’t a picture or video included, they may not read it.

2. Structure– Creating a blog post with solid structure is key. You want to make sure you capture the viewer’s eye with a good headline. If you have a good title and a good flow of the sentences, then your blog, will stick with the reader.

3. Call To Action– How are you going to leave your viewers hanging? Make sure you let your readers know what you want them to do, or if they have any opinions to write in the comments on your blog post. Another good way is to sell yourself by plugging in your social media links. That way if you have a business, or want more people to know about you, you could tell them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media platforms you have.

The way I feel if I was to write regularly to a potentially global audience is that it’s a good writing tool to have. I think it makes you become a better writer, and you learn more about yourself each time you write a new post.You never know who will be reading your blog. There are so many topics you can talk about with your audience. Blogging is easy and fun.

Blogging is good for the soul. It will help you grow as a person. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any good tips for future bloggers.

That’s all for now folks. Keep on blogging!

Photo Credit: Megan Ouellet



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